why indian students go abroad to study


The Fascinating Reasons Why Indian Students Go Abroad to Study

Report shows that in 2022, Indian students spent US$47 billion on studying overseas. This includes their tuition fees, housing, and other living costs. This number is expected to reach US$70 billion by 2025 if things keep moving at this pace. 

But, why Indian students go abroad to study over the ones back home? It’s not just about getting a degree; it’s about the whole package that comes with studying abroad. From the quality of education to the promise of better opportunities.

In this article, I’ll talk about the fascinating aspects that are pulling Indian students out of their comfort zones and into the classrooms of the world. 

9 Reasons Why Indian Students Go Abroad to Study

1. World-class education

Students get a chance to learn from the best minds in the field. That’s what studying abroad offers. These professors aren’t just teaching; they’re at the forefront of research, bringing fresh, real-world insights straight into the classroom. It’s an environment that buzzes with innovation and creativity.

Overseas universities pack advanced tech in their labs, libraries, and classrooms. This means you get to play with the latest gadgets and resources, putting you miles ahead in the learning curve.

With a wide array of specialized courses available, you have the luxury of choice.  This opens new avenues for career paths and in-depth research opportunities.

2. Research Opportunities

It’s not just about learning; it’s about doing. Joining an international university can mean working on projects that are changing the world, from groundbreaking medical treatments to pioneering engineering solutions. It’s a chance to contribute, learn, and grow. 

This hands-on experience is gold for your resume, especially if you’re eyeing a future in research or academia. It sharpens your mind, hones your problem-solving skills, and gives you a solid foundation in your field.

3. Fueling Personal Growth

You land in a new country, with its unique vibe, unfamiliar customs, and a whole new set of daily challenges. It’s not just a change of scenery; it’s a new way of seeing and interacting with the world. 

This shift, though uncomfortable at first, is exactly what sparks incredible growth. It’s about transforming those “I can’t believe I’m doing this” moments into “I’m so glad I did that” memories.

4. Fostering Independence, Self-Reliance, and Building Confidence

You’re where the simplest tasks, like catching a bus or buying groceries, feel like mini-adventures. There’s no safety net of family or old friends to catch you if you stumble. 

Sounds scary? Maybe a bit. But it’s also incredibly empowering. 

Indian students navigating these waters learn to rely on themselves, managing everything from their budgets to problem-solving on the fly. This journey of becoming more independent and self-reliant is a huge confidence booster.

5. Opening Doors to the Global Job Market

Building a resume that stands out in a pile of job applications is what an international degree can do for you. It’s not just a piece of paper; it’s proof that you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone, tackled challenges in a global setting, and have a broader perspective of the world. 

Employers love that. They’re looking for candidates who bring something unique to the table—people who think outside the box and are comfortable in multicultural environments. An international degree signals that you’re just the person they’re looking for.

6. Advantages of Internships and Work Experiences

Studying abroad often comes with opportunities to intern at companies that are for leaders in their fields. They’re your chance to dive into the global business environment, make connections, and gain valuable experiences. It’s about putting what you’ve learned into practice, solving real-world problems, and getting a taste of what your future career could look like.

Moreover, many of these internships can lead to job offers. Even if they don’t, you’ll walk away with a network of professional contacts from around the globe and a resume that showcases your ability to thrive in diverse settings. That’s gold in the job market.

7. Scholarship is Your Ticket to the World

Studying abroad might seem like a stretch financially, but with the right scholarships, it becomes a lot more doable. From government-funded scholarships that cover almost everything (tuition, living expenses, and sometimes even travel) to university-specific scholarships designed to attract the brightest minds. Additionally, private organizations and foundations are keen to invest in the future leaders of the world.

8. The Helping Financial Aid

This isn’t just about loans. Many universities offer work-study programs, grants, and assistantships where you can earn money towards your education while gaining valuable experience. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone – you get financial support and work experience in your field of study.

9. The Influence of Success Stories From Real-Life Inspirations

Consider Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, who left the shores of India for Stanford University. Or Indra Nooyi, the former CEO of PepsiCo, whose educational journey took her from Kolkata to Yale. 

These luminaries embarked on their studies abroad with dreams and determination. Their experiences overseas didn’t just contribute to their academic growth but honed their leadership qualities, cultural sensitivities, and global outlooks. These stories inspire Indian students to walk on their success path.


To summarize, why do Indian students go abroad to study, the benefits are vast. However, challenges like managing costs and adjusting to new cultures are part of the journey, but overcoming these hurdles is an investment in a brighter, more promising future. 

Embracing this adventure can transform ambitions into reality, opening doors to a world of possibilities. Are you ready for your fascinating educational ride to universities abroad? 

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