Top 10 Best Courses to Study in Australia for Indian Students in 2024

Best Courses to Study in Australia

With its astounding blend of cultures, excellent architecture and landscape, and world-class universities, Australia is one of the most popular and student-favourite destinations to study at. Australian Universities offer numerous best courses to study in Australia with a lot of opportunities and transformational experiences for students and professionals. They have an industry-level curriculum designed with […]

Top 10 Best Universities in New Zealand for Indian Students

Best Universities in New Zealand

New Zealand with its breathtaking scenic beauty and friendly population boasts of a world-class education system attracting thousands of students every year. Over time, it has become a dream study education for Indian students craving an incredible international studying and living experience.  So if you are a student looking to move to New Zealand to […]

The Top 10 Benefits of Studying in Australia for Indian Students

Benefits of Studying in Australia

Did you know that over 70,000 Indian students go to Australia each year for higher education? That’s a huge number, and there are solid reasons behind this trend. In this article, we’ll uncover the top 10 benefits of studying in Australia.  Suppose you’re a student dreaming of a worldwide career opportunity or a parent charting […]

Why Study in New Zealand: A Comprehensive Guide for Indian Students

why study in new zealand

Studying abroad is becoming a popular choice for Indian students, and New Zealand is one of their favorite destinations. But why study in New Zealand? With its world-class universities, welcoming culture, and benefits of an after-study work permit visa, so many students are drawn to it. At On-track, we specialize in guiding Indian students through […]

Insider Tips on How to Get Scholarships to Study Abroad from India

how to get scholarships to study abroad from india

Stepping into the world of international education? Then “How to Get Scholarships to Study Abroad from India” is your go-to guide. Sure, studying abroad sounds exciting, but it comes with hefty price tags. Tuition fees, living expenses, and transportation costs—add up.  This is where scholarships come in as a game-changer. Scholarships can significantly reduce the […]

The Fascinating Reasons Why Indian Students Go Abroad to Study

why indian students go abroad to study

Report shows that in 2022, Indian students spent US$47 billion on studying overseas. This includes their tuition fees, housing, and other living costs. This number is expected to reach US$70 billion by 2025 if things keep moving at this pace.  But, why Indian students go abroad to study over the ones back home? It’s not […]